About the BSE


Welcome to the new Batch Search Engine (BSE) Site based on Bolt CMS. Previously there was a Batch Search Engine site that had to be updated by GM Staff for updates on user submissions. With this new site, users can submit their own files and have it appear in a batch. However, users will still have to submit their actual charts through email. In addition there are some more statistics on the batch pages concerning SAP and file status.

In the panels below you will find the current Veteran and Lead Judges. It is also important that you look over the New Judgment System Document to see how these roles fit in and what extra opportunities exist for you as a stepartist. For instance, did you know that you can submit an appeal if your file is in Conditional Queue or was Rejected with at least a 6? Did you know you could request a file transfer from a Regular Batch to a Special Batch? There are obviously more details that go into it, but please make sure you explore the options available so we can make the submission process more pleasant.