Batch Info

Note that the Stepartist Submissions section at the bottom is collapsed by default since it gets quite large. It shows the breakdown of submissions for each stepartist.

Batch Information
Batch Name High FGO Special Batch Phase 2
Batch Type Special
Submission Status Closed
Judgments Done

Files submitte to Phase 2 of the Hard Batch.

Song Status Stats
Total Songs 20
Total Judged 20
Released 8
Accepted 4
Disabled 0
Pending Fixes 0
Conditional Queue 0
Resubmission Allowed 0
Rejected 8
Judged 0
Unjudged 0
Song Listing
Title Artist Stepper Status
._Pulse YZYX GammaBlaster Released
Powerflux YZYX GammaBlaster Released
Fireball tarolabo hi19hi19 Rejected
Make The Fire Burn Rainman TC_Halogen Released
Wizdomiot LeaF AutotelicBrown Released
daddy can change goreshit HeZe Rejected
Punkture dDamage DossarLX ODI Released
ephemera ABE3 hi19hi19 Accepted
cold (Kurorak's Bootleg) Kurorak hi19hi19 Released
A.Q. Children [Cut] t+pazolite hi19hi19 Rejected
looming shadow of a tree long gone goreshit Wiosna Rejected
Roy Terminal 11 Pizza69 Rejected
A Dichroic Glass Snafu Blitz Lunar Gradiant Released
entanglement ABE3 hi19hi19 Rejected
Frictional Nevada (Full Version) Venetian Snares Xtreme2252 Rejected
ElectroMashcore Reizoko Cj gameboy42690 Accepted
Maximum Security LEAF XCEED Music Division hi19hi19 Rejected
OWA Raged in Vegas (Fuck Bees) Kurorak hi19hi19 Released
Six Acid Strings The Flashbulb DarkZtar Accepted
Firmament Castle Velier ueotan hi19hi19 Accepted

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