Batch Info

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Batch Information
Batch Name Official Tournament Batch
Batch Type Special
Submission Status Closed
Judgments Done

Files submitted for the Official Tournament Special Batch.

Song Status Stats
Total Songs 86
Total Judged 86
Released 56
Accepted 7
Disabled 0
Pending Fixes 2
Conditional Queue 0
Resubmission Allowed 0
Rejected 20
Judged 0
Unjudged 0
Song Listing
Title Artist Stepper Status
Conflict Siromaru+Cranky rparty89 Rejected
OWA Raged at Kurorak for Making OWA Raged at Skeletor Kurorak hi19hi19 Released
It's Not Supposed To Be Snowing Lifeformed ShurykaN Rejected
Danse de Romani MUE DarkZtar Released
Rampage Virtual Riot icontrolyourworld Rejected
Endgame Waterflame DarkZtar Released
Divinity Garden daisan hi19hi19 Released
Heartache Toby Fox Silvuh Released
Major League Can Can MajorLeagueWobs ilikexd Released
The Moon (Remix) Paragonx9 M0nkeyz Rejected
Paraclete [Oni] LeaF ilikexd Released
Fall Memories Phantasma Silvuh Released
Every Chance of Hope is Destroyed A Black Rose Burial Scintill Rejected
Red Sphere Blue Sphere chthonic Silvuh Released
Renatus Soleily rCaliberGX Released
Ringo's Tea Party IOSYS Scintill Released
Decretum uzzbuzz XelNya Rejected
Visitor Virt DarkZtar Rejected
Ultraviolent Junglist (OT Batch) Venetian Snares DarkZtar Rejected
Call me it. (500 Tortures) t+pazolite hi19hi19 Released
Spider Dance Toby Fox Guest15937 Rejected
The JonSong Titenic Xtreme2252 Rejected
Polis Ruin Daisan Reshiram Pending Fixes
Reach Grant Bowtie blanky! Rejected
Meteor Lights s-don bmah Released
Gate Openerz DJ Sharpnel DarkZtar Rejected
Seiran's Mad Hammer IOSYS Scintill Released
How Things Went Wrong Goreshit XelNya Rejected
Follow You (Rhythmics Remix) Au5 ft. Danyka Nadeau gameboy42690 Released
Our Journey and Epilogue aaaa YoshL Released
Yay Yeah tigerlily bmah Released
Megalovania Toby Fox Guest15937 Rejected
Ripcord The Flashbulb ilikexd Released
Starry Fate TiS DarkZtar Accepted
FrainBreeze Pegboard Nerds MarioNintendo Released
0x69 Kurorak hi19hi19 Released
Futurity Ryo Nakamura bmah Released
Shade of Gloria tcheb hi19hi19 Released
Your Lies Lone Ghost Kraezymann Released
Milky Berry Sweet Time Pop Kiti gameboy42690 Rejected
Pink Cloud (feat. Max Collins) Pegboard Nerds gameboy42690 Released
Unpause The Heat Aethernaut ilikexd Released
Amnolys onoken bmah Accepted
Le carnaval des animaux Movement no. 14 'Finale' Camille Saint-Saëns ilikexd Released
Koi No Sibou Flag MOSAIC.WAV hi19hi19 Accepted
Super Soaker Blitz Lunar hi19hi19 Accepted
Syncopatriarch Blitz Lunar ilikexd Released
Dedication void DarkZtar Released
The Lovely Freezing Tomboyish Bath Cirno's Hot Spring IOSYS YoshL Rejected
Kanon tarolabo ilikexd Released
I UPDATED MY F-LIST Renard beary605
Boooring! Assertive Fluttershy TC_Halogen Released
This Will Be The Day James Landino TC_Halogen Released
I'm Alive (Jarvis Remix) Jarvis Xiz Released
Amber Shores The Flashbulb DarkZtar Released
Violet Rose OSTER project bmah Released
Stage 1 (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2) Shnabubula hi19hi19 Released
Undici Terminal 11 DossarLX ODI & TC_Halogen Released
Scrambled Eggman UNKNOWN Silvuh Released
Lust for Blood setsat Scintill Released
The Scales of Strangeness dbk2 ilikexd Released
Doki-Doki Thaehan xXOpkillerXx Rejected
I UPDATED MY F-LIST Renard beary605 Rejected
Back to the Gate DJ Sharpnel DarkZtar Released
Funny Function t+pazolite gameboy42690 Released
Amphisbaena Mitsuyoshi DarkZtar Released
A Happy Day in Funtown Jake Kaufman hi19hi19 Released
PrayStation Ras gameboy42690 Released
The Devil Plays Dance Games dbk2 ilikexd Released
faster! faster!! faster!!! T+pazolite YoshL Rejected
False White maru Silvuh Released
Seedy Try t+pazolite gameboy42690 Released
Suit Up (feat. Southpaw Swagger) Blue Stahli gameboy42690 Accepted
The Fated Hour Exias Silvuh Released
Try This Pegboard Nerds rushyrulz Released
Gin Tonic Flavor q/stol hi19hi19 Released
Altale Sakuzyo DarkZtar Accepted
Turn Around Grabbitz gameboy42690 Released
Dating Start! Toby \"Radiation\" Fox Silvuh Released
All is fair in RAGE litmus DarkZtar Released
Funny Funky Freaky mommy bmah Released
Miniboss Makkon Silvuh Released
Akasha xi ilikexd Accepted
Terror From Beyond v2 Digital Explosion Xtreme2252 Rejected
G4M3 0V3R Celldweller gameboy42690 Released
La Tristesse Durera Toujours The Flashbulb XelNya Pending Fixes

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