Batch Info

Note that the Stepartist Submissions section at the bottom is collapsed by default since it gets quite large. It shows the breakdown of submissions for each stepartist.

Batch Information
Batch Name March 2017
Batch Type Regular
Submission Status Closed
Judgments Done

The March/April 2017 Regular Batch Period, files submitted from March 1st through last day of April. Be sure to check the Rules/Submission Guidelines Addendum. Also, submissions from January/February 2017 have been moved over to this batch period at no cost to the stepartist due to January/February 2017 being too small.

Song Status Stats
Total Songs 18
Total Judged 18
Released 3
Accepted 3
Disabled 0
Pending Fixes 2
Conditional Queue 0
Resubmission Allowed 0
Rejected 10
Judged 0
Unjudged 0
Song Listing
Title Artist Stepper Status
Discord The Living Tombstone XelNya Rejected
Blue Girl on Sunday Goreshit XelNya Rejected
Shooter Clipping. PetePippers Rejected
Ocean Floor The Bunny The Bear Xtreme2252 Rejected
Youth of the Nation P.O.D. Travis_Flesher Rejected
Eternal Peace is Nothing But An Illusion YZYX DarkZtar Pending Fixes
Kindred, the Eternal Hunters Riot Games XelNya Accepted
Beep Beep I'm a Sheep LilDeuceDeuce MarioNintendo Released
Decretum uzzbuzz XelNya Released
See You In London Flexe GotSkittles Rejected
Back of the Yards The Flashbulb happyhardcor3 Rejected
Losing My Religion Scary Kids Scaring Kids Xtreme2252 Rejected
Ever So Sweet The Early November Travis_Flesher Rejected
Moonbase 101 DanJohansen M0nkeyz Rejected
Almost There [Standard] RushJet1 XelNya Accepted
Dead Alus S.S.H. DarkZtar Released
Gate Openerz DJ Sharpnel DarkZtar Accepted
Does the Microwave Oven Dream of Electric Sheep S.S.H. DarkZtar Pending Fixes

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