Batch Info

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Batch Information
Batch Name January 2015
Batch Type Regular
Submission Status Closed
Judgments Done

Files from January 1st to end of February 2015.

Song Status Stats
Total Songs 35
Total Judged 35
Released 13
Accepted 0
Disabled 0
Pending Fixes 0
Conditional Queue 0
Resubmission Allowed 0
Rejected 22
Judged 0
Unjudged 0
Song Listing
Title Artist Stepper Status
Darkroot Forest Tom Miller PrawnSkunk Rejected
Concussive Bassnectar M0nkeyz Released
Someone Anyone Anberlin HeZe Rejected
Breaka Railway Tilde PrawnSkunk Released
Aragami xi bmah Released
Arcanum Guardian LeaF klimtkiller Rejected
Tope Doge Maxo PrawnSkunk Rejected
Monsoon in the Concrete Jungle Unknown Artist M0nkeyz Rejected
Freedom Dive V2 Xi XelNya Rejected
Upside Down (Bassnectar & Terravita Remix) Bassnectar Wayward Vagabond Rejected
Rivotril Isn't Working The Ghost Of 3.13 wv Rejected
Cirno's Perfect Math Class IOSYS OS takumi000 Rejected
The Impresario virt Tommy Pedrini hi19hi19 Released
Slashmaid paraoka ilikexd Released
DJ Vasil Drunk Optimus wv Released
I Like Trains (Remix) Lil Deuce Deuce wayward vagabond Rejected
{The Traveller} Cornandbeans HeZe Rejected
sniffing stardust on the dancefloor Kola Kid klimtkiller Released
Power Wisdom Courage Powerglove FFR Pro 21 Rejected
The Friendly Wolf (Part 1) Championanwar Xtreme2252 Rejected
The Castle Renard VisD Rejected
Don't Think Feel LeaF Destroy2777 Rejected
Bring The Madness (feat. Mayor Apeshit) Excision & Pegboard Nerds gameboy42690 Released
Entrance ICE SonicX Rejected
Mirror World Exias Silvuh Rejected
Garakuta Doll Play t+pazolite Destroy2777 Rejected
Ant IDM The Flashbulb ilikexd Released
Azure Coyote Kisses VisD Released
koumen break sHimaU ilikexd Released
TRIGGER HAPPY (Hommarju Remix) P*Light SonicX Rejected
Handsonic (Feat. Jordan Virelli) Vena Cava VisD Rejected
Caffeine PSYCHOSTICK hi19hi19 Released
Might Like You Better Vaski doggies4life04 Rejected
YEAR OF THE BAD DRAGON The Quick Brown Fox Xtreme2252 Rejected
Blue (Ashix Remix) Eiffel 65 wv Released

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