Batch Info

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Batch Information
Batch Name High FGO Special Batch Phase 1
Batch Type Special
Submission Status Closed
Judgments Done

Files submitted for Phase 1 in the Hard Batch.

Song Status Stats
Total Songs 29
Total Judged 29
Released 10
Accepted 1
Disabled 0
Pending Fixes 0
Conditional Queue 0
Resubmission Allowed 0
Rejected 17
Judged 1
Unjudged 0
Song Listing
Title Artist Stepper Status
oppIrish(GYPSYCOREremix) cybermiso gameboy42690 Released
VECLEGGENDARIA Rotteen gold stinger Rejected
You're gonna love my nuts Reizoko Cj gameboy42690 Released
Parousia-LAST JUDGEMENT- xi YoshL Rejected
Ultraviolent Junglist (Hard Batch) Venetian Snares DarkZtar Rejected
You Universe Blitz Lunar hi19hi19 Released
Epileptic Crisis Nightmare ilikexd Released
Resistance 8 Pyongyang Hardcore Resistance HeZe Rejected
My Wolf Eats Preps Renard YoshL Rejected
Onset Bexarametric Mourningfall Rejected
Stress Free Style MOSAIC.WAV Scintill Released
Dysnomia YZYX DossarLX ODI Released
Mondo Brutale Komprex hi19hi19 Rejected
Odd22 Terminal11 Choof Released
where is my balls LOLI RIPE YoshL Released
The lost midoriA hi19hi19 Rejected
Apocynthion Drive HertzDevil DarkZtar Rejected
Maniera v2 Musical Masterpiece 0 Rejected
Breath After Breath Craving hi19hi19 Rejected
Nest Cardboard Box lurker Accepted
Corporal Jigsore Quandary The Berzerker mi40 Rejected
Hyper-INF-LATiON cosMo@Bousou-P feat. Hatsune Miku SonicX. Rejected
LE6!ON Frums Lambdadelta Rejected
shit palette 2.0 goreshit HeZe Rejected
DIST SQUAD Dj Sharpnel ItsOnlyDanO Rejected
Stress Free Style v2 MOSAIC.WAV Scintill Judged
Maybe All This Time I Was Wrong The Flashbulb YMIA & Halogen Released
High-Priestess Luxion hi19hi19 Rejected
Grind4 Dev/Null rog Released

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