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Field Info
Pack Title Crossover Spectrum Part I B
Songs 20
Release Date 9-28-2014

This is the second release of Crossover Spectrum Part I as an expansion, covering the BPM Range 100-165 in 16th crossovers.

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Pack Songs

Title Artist Step Artist
[100] Ame no odoriko asha Dossar
[150] Bamboo Breakdown DjMeas Dossar
[112] Brain Sneeze Mark Governor Dossar
[120] Calling taqumi Dossar
[157] Call Upon the Seaponies Eurobeat Brony Dossar
[145] Death Egg Zone Sonic 3 & Knuckles Dossar
[150] DROP THE BOMB Scotty D. Dossar
[111] Her Majesty naotyu- Dossar
[146] Inner City Trash Atomic Bomberman Dossar
[115] A Little Less Conversation Elvis vs. JXL Dossar
[136] ORIENTAL SEA!! Shigusa ma Dossar
[128] Positively Inclined RMX CanBlaster Dossar
[101] Prismatic Lollipops DJ Mashiro Dossar
[104] Railgun Blue Stahli Dossar
[110] Rock Rock Rock DJ Donna Summer feat. t+pazolite Dossar
[122] route 80s samplingmasters MEGA Dossar
[100] Super Signal Force ZeroFuser Dossar
[153] Syntax xKore Dossar
[140] un deux trois SDMS Dossar
[142] Who KaW Dossar