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Pack Title DDRStream PostSupernova
Songs 50
Release Date 1-1-2020

This is the second release of the DDRStream series, consisting of songs that were in Dance Dance Revolution after Supernova. Every song has all five singles difficulties filled out from Beginner to Challenge.

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Pack Songs

Title Artist Step Artist
Adularia DJ TOTTO Dossar
Air Heroes Darwin StarrySergal
Amalgamation Mystic Moon Dossar
Another Phase TAG Dossar
Anti-Matter Orbit1 & Milo Dossar
Avenger USAO Dossar
Blue Rain dj TAKA VS Ryu? Dossar
chaos eater Nekomata Master+ Dossar
Chronos (walk with you remix) TAG Dossar
Condor Remo-con Dossar
Dazzlin' Darlin -Akiba Koubou mix- Remixed by DJ Command StarrySergal
Dead Heat Maozon Dossar
District of the Shadows DJ Noriken Dossar
Dopamine U1 overground Dossar
Electric Dance System Music U1 overground Dossar
Freeze nc ft. NRG Factory Dossar
GAIA L.E.D.Master Dossar
HAPPY LUCKY YEAPPY DJ Miracle Stone Dossar
Helios xac Dossar
Horatio OR-IF-IS Dossar
IMANOGUILTS Mystic Moon Dossar
IN BETWEEN L.E.D.-G feat. Mayumi Morinaga Dossar
Nageki no ki Kinjinshi Dossar
New Beginning Sota Fujimori Dossar
New Era Sota F. Dossar
New Gravity Starving Trancer Dossar
New York EVOLVED (Type B) NC underground Dossar
On The Break Darwin Dossar
Our Soul CaZ Dossar
PARANOiA (kskst mix) 180 Dossar
Prey Dustup Dossar
Procyon Tsukasa Yatoki Dossar
Puberty Dysthymia BEMANI Sound Team "person09" Darwyn
Rejoin Hu?eR feat.PON Dossar
sakura storm Ryu StarrySergal
Skywalking Nhato Dossar
snow prism Qrispy Joybox Dossar
Splash Gold TAG underground Dossar
Squeeze VENUS feat. Mutsuhiko Izumi Dossar
starmine Ryu Dossar
Super Driver Aya Hirano StarrySergal
The History of the Future "BEMANI Sound Team""U1×TAG""" Darwyn
The World Ends Now Akira Complex Dossar
Vanquish The Ghost TAG Dossar
Waiting nc ft.NRG Factory Dossar
Wings of an Angel (Fly With Me) J-Mi & Midi-D Dossar
YELLOW CANDY Risk Junk Dossar